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         春歸展覽自成立以來一直穩步發展,現有廠房5000平方米,配備標準烤漆房,服務范圍遍及上海、廣州、北京等眾多大中型展覽設計公司、廣告公司和活動策劃公司。上?!本獜V州三地分公司及工廠聯動運作, 專業化的基礎設施、完備的倉庫保障、一站式的采購支持,為您呈現最佳創建的同時,也為您的需求提供完美的牢固保障!


    Company Profile

         Shanghai chungui exhibition engineering co.,LTD.Is comitted to all kinds of booth construction,exhibition hall decoration,conference,etiquette services,meetings and exclusive store activity blanning and so on.

         Chungui exhibition has been developing steadily since its establishment.,it has a factory that covers 5000 square metres. Our factory provides standard baking paint room with the range of many medium-sized or large-scale exhibition design corporation,advertisement corporation as well as advertisement planning corporation in such big cities in Shanghai,Guangzhou and Beijing. The best creative design and solid foundation of perfect exhibition construction will be presented with the co-running of factory and branch office in Shanghai,Beijing and Guangzhou.We also provide standard infruatructure,perfect storehouse guarantee and one-stop sourcing support.

         Perfectionism is our pursuit. Providing the best service for our customers is our permant motivation. Putting our customers at the highest point is our starting point. We also hold the philosophy that we keep the general goal in sight and take the daily tasks in hand. In addition,we manage to meet our customers' needs. We cherish the opportunities and missions this age endows,and we sincerely hope that we can cooperate with each other and achieve general development.

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